Michela Sara Palmieri PT & Antonio Bortone.PT,  Santo Stefano, Porto Potenza Picena, Italy. Participated in 2017

"Il corso avanzato di Aquatherapy tenutosi a Valens è stato di alto profilo. Oltre ad aver fornito utili strumenti per il lavoro quotidiano in acqua con i pazienti,  permette di diffondere la pratica riabilitativa in acqua in modo scientifico, in quanto sostenuta da numerose evidenze, che continuamente vengono prodotte nelle diverse patologie. Costante e proficuo è il richiamo al ragionamento clinico ed alla definizione del programma riabilitativo migliore per quel dato quadro clinico. Anche la combinazione di moduli di pratiche complementari all’intervento terapeutico, come la Clinical Ai Chi e l’AquaT-relax, ha arricchito il bagaglio di conoscenze e fornito ottimi spunti per un’accurata e precisa programmazione dell’intervento riabilitativo.

L'organizzazione del corso è stata ineccepibile, in un posto magnifico e confortevole come la Kliniken Valens.  Molti e sinceri  ringraziamenti a Johan e Urs per la loro passione e professionalità. C’è forte il desiderio di continuare il percorso professionale, formandosi e confrontandosi, per una qualificazione avanzata della pratica riabilitativa in acqua."

Patty Pei-Hsin Ku, PT, MS, National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan. Participated in 2017

This is a dream come true! I’ve been keen to take part in the course for years. It is the most structured, well-organized, and clinically practical program in aquatic therapy.
We’ve built up thorough concepts of aquatic therapy in theory and practice. The intensive course focused on physiological mechanisms, systematic analysis, clinical reasoning, and evidence-based application. Pool sessions provided the extensive opportunities to ensure our execution of techniques were adequate and corresponding with proper reasoning results. In the final day, we needed to integrate all approaches and practice with the patients, which brought the course to a perfect closure. Johan, Urs, Anne and co-lecturers took us to a whole new perspective of aquatic therapy with latest scientific evidence, incredible support, hands-on guidance, and years of experience!
This course is the golden opportunity for those who would like to get an insight into aquatic therapy. Participants will be immersed in updated knowledge, various pool practicum, andabundant group work with worldwide members!

Wendy Skinner, Owner AquaPhysio Ltd, Morden, Surrey,England Participated in the WST Module in 2016

My aims for attending the course were to improve my knowledge and handling skills in aquatic physiotherapy, for which this course, I can say far exceeded those aims. I have attended many courses over the years but I haven’t been on such an intensive steep learning curve for a very long while. The module was fantastic with so much practical work in the pool supplemented with latest evidence based guidance and clinical relevance.
The highlight for me was to treat patients for 3 days. with the incredible support and guidance by Johan and Urs were invaluable.
I highly recommended this course to all, just be prepared to be worked really hard and to leave the mountains with your brain ready to explode with knowledge and mental and physical fatigue! This course is not for the faint hearted but worth every penny spent!

Francisco Maraver, Miguel Angel Fernández Toran & Carla Morer, MD's, Medical Hydrology School, Complutense University Of Madrid and Hervideros de Cofrentes Spa ( Valencia), Spain. Participated in 2016

This course is highly recommended for health professional ( MD, PT, OT.... ) who want to immerse themselves in aquatic therapy for the following reasons: content and teaching methodology, being eminently practical (with patients) and taught by leading experts at the highest level and experience. Excellent  organization takes advantage  of unbeatable facilities; truly international, participants this year were from 4 continents and 11 countries.
we would like to thank all  lecturers their disposal and generosity that we personify on course directors: Johan Lambeck and Urs Gamper.

Bergur Bergsson and Agust Jonsson, Reykjalandur Rehabilitation Centre, Reykjavik, Iceland. Participated in 2015

The Aquatic Therapy Course at the Kliniken Valens is embedded in evidence based practice and the teachers Johan and Urs know their stuff in every detail. The opportunity to treat patients and being introduced to loads of options in aquatic rehabilitation was invaluable. The course was well organized and meeting people from all over the world in a stunning surroundings in Valens. That was great. First Class!!

Deniz Bayraktar PT MSc, Katip Celebi University, Izmir, Turkey. Participated in 2015

The best course ever! The whole course provided useful information to me both as a physical therapist and a researcher. Different techniques with strong scientific background ensured evidence for daily practice and further research. Also, it was a privilege meeting colleagues from all around the world, sharing ideas and discussing how aquatic therapy/therapists work in the other parts of the world. And the great nature of Valens played an important role for relaxing after long educative hours  I strongly recommend for all physical therapists who are interested in aquatic therapy to attend this marvelous course and have a chance to enhance their approaches to the patients. Thanks for all the efforts of Johan Lambeck and Urs Gamper about improving aquatherapy and sharing their unique experience with us.

Louise Carroll, Ireland: participated in 2014

This is the only Aquatic Therapy course that I came across offering 10 European Credit Transfers (ECTs) which I was able use as part of of my Masters degree in Advanced HealthCare Practice, University of Limerick, Ireland.

The course offers ample opportunity to mix both practical clinical experience with an evidence based theory and practice approach. As part of the course, I was able to consolidate my learning through my participation in both the group based learning scenarios and individual assessments. Once I returned home to my work in the Pediatric community setting, I was set the task of carrying out case studies with two patients in the aquatic therapy pool environment. This was an excellent opportunity for me to put my new clinical practice knowledge and advanced handling skills into practice with real life clients.

I saw first hand the benefits of my treatment approach and the feedback I received from both Urs Gamper and Johan Lambeck was invaluable. Both Johan and Urs offered me outstanding support and feedback throughout the course, which continued whilst I was completing my case studies. I would recommend this Post graduate module to all therapist working within the Aquatic Therapy environment as the tutors on the course had a wealth of knowledge to share with all participants.
There is no other course quiet like it!!

Jamile Vivas, University of La Coruña, Spain, participated in 2014

A High Quality Aquatic Therapy Course: after many years planning to take this course, for me was a dream that came true. Thirteen days of hard work and a lot of enjoying. The strength points of the course were teacher’s experience and the attention given to solve our doubts and the practice of clinical reasoning with real patients.The focus on showing the scientific evidence of procedures will surely contribute to the evidenced based practice in physiotherapy and the improvement of aquatic therapy.

Coryn Katz, Cape Town, South-Africa, participated in 2014

An incredible learning experience! Such a wonderful variety of techniques and principles learnt to apply to clinical settings.Equally as fantastic was meeting such special people from all over the world.Thank you, Johan and Urs, for imparting your valuable knowledge plus years and years of experience with us. It was a real privilige participating in your course

Jude Perrett, Amanda Gale Physiotherapy, Cairns (Australia). Participated in 2013

The amount and quality of resources made available was excellent. The concise summation of critical points, especially of the most recent and relevant research in each area of aquatic therapy covered in the course, was impressive. It is clear that Johan and Urs keep up-to-the-minute with respect to evidence-based practice, prioritizing this as the basis for aquatic intervention. The problem-solving approach to practical sessions honed clinical reasoning skills in a clinically-relevant way and the opportunity to treat patients on more than one occasion complemented the development of those skills nicely. The state-of-the-art facilities, stunning setting, hospitality, croissants, chocolate and warm towels contributed to a memorable learning experience.

Jong-Pil Lee, Daegu, Korea. Participated in 2013

5Ps (PROBLEM, POOL, POSSIBLE, PLASTICITY, PRESENT)It was a great POSSIBILITY to take the aquatic package course in Valens 2013 for me because I have experienced PROBLEM solving in POOL.
That is what a therapist should know PLASTICITY related to the systemic knowledge and various therapeutic approaches, which I have learned through this course.
I would say that the course was like the way to teach fishing, not just to toss fish.  It was a special PRESENT for me.
I give thanks to Johan and Urs for offering me outstanding lectures, and colleagues in Clinic Valens for organizing the course without any flaw.

Alison Bonnyman , Department of Physiotherapy, University of Toronto, Canada, Participated in 2012

The course was grounded in physiology, clinical reasoning, and relevant research including seminal papers and the most recent publications. The pace and balance of the pool and classroom sessions were excellent. Johan and Urs translate their knowledge very well in a supportive, adult learning environment. Pool sessions were extensive ensuring that we were correct and comfortable executing the techniques. Klinik Valens was an exciting environment of higher learning and aquatic skills exchange.

Efthymia Vagena MSc. Coordinator / Supervisor Aquatic Therapy Department. Filoktitis Rehabilitation Center, Athens - Greece. Participated in 2011

The 14 days of the course were full of evidence – base theoretical knowledge and well organized practical part with detailed approach in the techniques. It was a great opportunity to meet aquatic therapists from all over the world and exchange our experience and knowledge on hydrotherapy. The course was the initial to change the therapeutic approach in my patients and to be more open minded. I am looking forward to meeting again in Valens next year.

Thomas Schick. Sub-Chef Therapy, Rehazentrum Klinik am Park, Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Participated in 2011

I am very satisfied to have been a participant in this high level and very intensive postgraduaded course in Valens 2010 and 2011. A great amount of evidence knowledge  that could be described as  the “state of art” in aquatic therapy was offered both in practice and in the theoretical course parts.

Cirila Burja, CIRIUS Kamnik, Domzale, Slowenia. Participated in 2008

I am very satisfied that I attended the Aquatic Therapy course in Valens, which has improved my knowledge to a hight degree. The entire course was very good organized. The emphasis was practical work in the water with very good visual and practical instructions.
The theoretical lectures are based on scientific researches. The aquired knowledge and information from the course will influence on improvement of my further therapeutic work in water. I hope that in the future the knowledge will widen also more throughout our country

Anna Swanepoel, Physical Therapist, Bloemfontein, South-Africa. Particiapted in 2009

A great course! The best was to have a holistic way of looking at aquatic therapy and to be able to position the different concepts. Thanx for the knowledge of the lecturers being shared in a scientific way.

C.G. Prashanth, Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Dharwad, India. Participated in 2010

I have waited for 4 years before I could take up this course in 2010 and believe me the wait was worth it. An intensive course for the therapists in systematically understanding, analyzing, applying the various concepts; and finding evidence for efficacy; by simple but effective outcome measures on diverse cases were impressive. The hands on, with the patients to apply halliwick concept & the last day to integrate all the five concepts on the patients again is the strongest point of the entire course. With well organized modules, wonderful pools to work and Great Teachers who taught, it was knowledge with pleasure at Klinik Valens, Switzerland.”

Sophie Heywood, B Physio (Hons), M Physio (Sports), Cert Hydro (UK)
Sunshine Hospital, Western Health, Melbourne ,The Melbourne Sports Medicine Centre, Carlton Football Club. Chair of the APA Aquatic Physiotherapy Group. Particpated in 2009

The Aquatic Therapy course at Klinik Valens has a strong focus on evidence based practice.  The course also includes a large amount of practical teaching to improve handling skills and increase the options in aquatic rehabilitation.  The opportunity to treat patients and develop clinical reasoning skills is also very beneficial.  The references and audiovisual materials for the course are excellent.