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Wendy Skinner, Owner AquaPhysio Ltd, Morden, Surrey,England

Participated in the WST Module in 2016

My aims for attending the course were to improve my knowledge and handling skills in aquatic physiotherapy, for which this course, I can say far exceeded those aims. I have attended many courses over the years but I haven’t been on such an intensive steep learning curve for a very long while. The module was fantastic with so much practical work in the pool supplemented with latest evidence based guidance and clinical relevance.
The highlight for me was to treat patients for 3 days. with the incredible support and guidance by Johan and Urs were invaluable.
I highly recommended this course to all, just be prepared to be worked really hard and to leave the mountains with your brain ready to explode with knowledge and mental and physical fatigue! This course is not for the faint hearted but worth every penny spent!